1997 Hallmark Ornaments
Brave Girl by Melody Ross-CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL
Santa's Furry Friends
set/2 Reversible Bib-0-12mo
The Kelly Rae Roberts Collection, Brave Girl by Demdaco-CLOSE OUT
"Brave in All Things" Plaque 4x6"-SPECIAL PRICE
"Cinnamon Cider Candle" 8oz
"Daughter in Law"
"Eat your Peas for Someone Special"
"Eat your Peas for Sons"
"Eat your Peas for Teens"
"Eat Your Peas" gift books by Cheryl Karpen-Books of Promise
"Embellish Your Story"... by Demdaco..CLOSE OUT
"Faith" Wall Art 16"Sq
"Free"-Wall Art
"Grace" Wall Art 12" sq-NEW-Has Arrived
"Hope" Wall Art 6"sq
"Peter Pan" Hinged porcelain box
"Pumpkin Spice" Decorative Fragrance
"Pumpkin Spice" votive 2.7oz
"Quiet Courage" with easel-SPECIAL PRICE
"Salvation Bracelet" New! JUST ARRIVED
"The Nativity" by The Potting Shed
"The Reckoning" 4th and final book in The Ancient Guardians Series
"Un-Broken Wings"
"Wish " Wall Art 6"sq
'Fruit Basket"-SOLD OUT
'Raspberry-SOLD OUT
'Seeker-Wall Art
'Strawberry"-SOLD OUT
-CLOSE OUT SPECIA-L65% OFF-Zebra International
12 Days of Christmas Bells
13oz jar
13x17 Burpie set/2
13x18 Cuddle Blankie
13x18 Cuddle Blankie
1959 Cadillac DeVille-Classic American Cars
1969 Chevrolet Camero
1990 Hallmark Ornaments
1991 Hallmark Ornaments
1992 Hallmark Ornaments
1993 Hallmark Ornaments
1994 Hallmark Ornaments
1995 Hallmark Ornament
1996 Hallmark Ornaments
1998 Hallmark Ornaments
1999 Hallmark Ornaments
1999 Keeper of Christmas--out of stock
1oz Cuticle Oil
2001 Keeper of Christmas
2016 Caroling Santa.
2017 Joyful Snowman
2018 "Santa Checking His List" Light
2019 "Santa's Antique Car"
2019 "Santas Antique Car"..."2018 Santa Checking His List"... 2017" Santa's Furry Friends"...2016 "Caroling Santa", 2015 Witch with Cauldron, Haunted House, glass ornaments.
3 oz bottle
746 Norfolk and Western Steam Locomotive
9 inch Round Cake Pan
9 inch Square Cake Pan
9x 13 Cake Pan
A Celebration of Angels
A Tree for SNOOPY
African Turquoise and Brown hand painted bead
African Turquoise and Brown-sold out
Agave Pineapple Decorative Fragrance
Agave Pineapple Refresher Oil
Agave Pineapple Room Spray 5oz
Alpine House
Alpine Lodge
Aluminum Magnetic Knife Bar 12 "
Amethyst and Red
Ancient Guardians Legacy of the Key-SPECIAL PRICE
Ancient Guardians Novel Series "The Awakening"
Ancient Guardians Series Book 2 "The Uninvited"
Angel 6.5" tall
Angel with Red and Green Dress and Star Hanger-SOLD OUT
Angel with Trumpet/Drum and Star Hanger
Angel-Turquoise Dress w/ Star Hanger-SOLD OUT
Annie Snowkley
Apple Corer - Out of Stock
Aqua Scoop-ice cream scoop
Archipelago Botanicals Bath & Body
Aromatique decorative fragrance, refresher oils and wax melts
Aromatique Fall Fragrance
As for me.....20" Pole
As for Me...20" Pole
Assorted Miniature Santa-SOLD OUT
Assorted Minature Song Birds - *Retired-SOLD OUT
Assorted Mini Candy Cane-SOLD OUT
Assorted Miniature Sport Balls
Aviator-Body Suite Onesie
Baby and Toddler Animal Mats
Baby Apparel
Baby Apparel-Toys,
Baby Bluebird
Baby Girl Magnets
Baby Jesus 3" tall
Baby Plush & Floor Mats
Baby's First Christmas
Baby's First Christmas
Baby's First Christmas
Baby's First Christmas Glass ornament
Bacholorette Party Magnets
Baseball Puppy Baby Mat
Baseball-SOLD OUT
Be Brave
Believe 20" Pole
Believe 20" Pole
Believe in Healing
Believe you can.....3ft Pole
Best Ever-Gifts from the Heart
Big Brother magnet
Big on Gardening
Bird Watcher
Birds Feed 20" Pole
Birthday Cake
Biscuit Sheet 10x14
Black and Amber
Black and Gold (Amber)
Black and pewter-small waist bead with pewter-sold out
Black and White
Black and White
Black and White
Black and White
Black and White
Black and White
Black and White
Black and White
Black and White marbled bead
Black and White Polka Dot
Black and White striped
Black Capped Chickadee
Black Standing Lab
Blooming Hanging Angel
Blossems and Buckets
Blue and White
Blue and White-mix of med to dk blues
Blue Angel Light Cover
Blue Baby Bear Mat - 31"
Blue Baby Dog Mat - 31"-NEW DESIGN
Blue Bonnet Dream
Blue Bundle magnet
Body Suit-Onesie
Botiancal Garden Decorative fragrance
Botiancal Garden diffuser oil-SOLD OUT
Botiancal Garden votive in glass
Botiancial Butterfly
Boubon and Bergamot Wax Melts
Bouborn and Bergamot Decorative Fragrance
Bourbon and Bergamot refresher oil
Boxes of Joy Santa
Boy ornament
Brave Girl Wall Art 16"sq
Breath 20" pole
Breath 20" Pole
Bright Sledding Colors
Brown and Black magnetic frame
Brown with White Pearls
Brushed Dual Salt and Pepper Mill-TEMPORARLY OUT
Burpie set of 2
Butterball Santa
Butterfly Baby Mat-HAS ARRIVED
Calling all Hearts
Candle in Glass-Pumpkin Spice
Candy Mold Snowman w/ Star Hanger-SOLD OUT
Capistrano 4ft Pole
Captain Jean Luc Picard
Carmel Brown and Turquoise
Cats....SOLD OUT
Celebrate Cloche-NEW
Chalet Ornament
Cheery Songbird-SOLD OUT
Chick A Dee-SOLD OUT
Childrens stretch bracelet-recycled glass
Childrens stretch bracelet-recycled glass
Chile Peppers
Chilly Billy-4
Chitldrens Stretch Braclet-recycled glass beads
Christmas Chapel
Christmas Cones
Christmas Eve Kiss
Christmas Mitten
Church Scene-SOLD OUT
Cinnamon Cider Decorative Fragrance
Coca-Cola Time
Colonial Church-Candlelight Services
Coming Soon!
Cook's tools and gadgets
Coral and touch of blue
Covered Wagon
Cowboy Boot
Cowboy Boots
Cross ornament
Cruella de Vil-Unforgettable Vilains
Crystal Ball
Crystal Ball Pink
Crystal Ball Sapphire
Crystal Flower Jet
Crystal Icicles
Cuccle Blankie 13x18
Cuckoo Clock-SOLD OUT
Cut and Slice Flexible Cutting Boards
Dancing Penguin
Dark and Light Blues with Pearls
Darth Vader's TIE Fighter-SOLD
Deep Green
Democratic Donkey
Desert Rose and Pearls
Diffuser Set Fresh Fig-sold out
Diffuser Set-Smell of Spring
Dill 2.4oz
Discontinued Items-Keepers by Shenandoah Designs, Misc
Divinity Angel
Dog Memorial
Dog Memorial 20" Pole
Dog Treat
Dorthy and Glinda, The Good Witch
Doughmaker Bakeware
Doughmakers Bakeware
Down the Chimney
Dream Big Box
Drummer Boy-SOLD OUT
Dual Salt and Pepper Mill's-TEMPORARLY OUT
Earth and Sky-lampwork glass beads with slim, single, white silver cores
Eat your Peas "Mother in Law"
Eat your Peas for Daughters
Eat your Peas for Girlfriends
Eat your Peas for Mothers
Eat your Peas for New Moms
Eat your Peas for Sisters
Eat your Peas for the Cure
Eat your Peas-"Sister-in-Law"
Eiffel Tower
Electric Hot Dip Warmer
Elegant Church-Baptist
Elegant Sleigh
Embrace Change
Enchanted Evening Barbie
Everyday Fragrance
Everyday Fragrances
Everyday Fragrances
Fabulous Decade
Faceted Crystal
Faithful Firefighter
Farm House-Town and Country
Festive Father Christmas
Firefighters-SOLD OUT
Fireman Santa-SOLD OUT
Flora & Fauna
Flower Mirror-IN STOCK NOW
Foghorn leghorn and Henry Hawk
Foot Cream-Olive Oil
Forest Cone Light Cover
Forest cone-SOLD OUT
Fragrances for the Home & Garden
Fresh Fig Decorative fragrance 15oz
Friut CenterpieceSOLD OUT
Frog Baby Mat
Gay Parisienne
Gental Thoughts-NEW
Gentle Angel
Gift Bearer-New Collector's Series
Gingerbread Friends
Gingerbread Teddy
Girl ornament
Glass Grape
Glinda, Witch of the North
Glistening Golden Santa
Glistening Holiday Snowman -SOLD OUT
Glistening Midnight Santa
Glistening Santa With Wreath-SOLD OUT
Glistening Snowflake Angel
Glistening Snowflake Santa
Glory Garden
Golden Yellow and White
Granddaughter's First Christmas
Grandson's First Christmas
Grazing Time
Great Grand cookie sheet
Greatest Story
Green Owl
Green with marbled red
Hallmark ornaments 1999
Hallmark Ornaments - 1990 thru 1999-FINAL SALE
Han Solp
Happy Garden 20" Pole
Happy Garden 20" Pole
Happy Teddy Bear
Heather-Mary's Angel
Heavenly Angel-SOLD OUT
Heavenly Angels
Hello Gorgeous Pedistal Art
Hippo Baby Mat
Holiday Barbie
Holiday Barbie
Holiday Bell-SOLD OUT
Holiday Finch-SOLD OUT
Holiday Home-SOLD OUT
Holly Berry Cowboy Boot
Holly Fairy
Home for the Holidays
Home Tweet Home 4ft Pole
Hometown Hero 20" Pole
Hope 6x6
In Loving Memory
Infant & Toddler
It's a Boy Magnet
It's a Girl
Jack Russell Terrier
Jalapeno Blackberry Jelly
Jalapeno Cilantro 1.9oz
Jalapeno Jelly by Luscombe Farm
Jalapeno Pepper Jelly 9 oz
Jelly Roll Pan
Jingle Bell -SOLD OUT
Joe Cool-Spotlight on SNOOPY
Jolly Old Elf
Joseph 9"tall
Journey back to her Wings-Wall Art
Jumping Frog
Just Arrived! 2012 Christmas Ornaments
Kairos 10 Bracelets-the gift of life
Kairos Bracelets for Children
Karla-lampwork glass bead
Keeper of the Checkard Flag-Retired-SOLD OUT
Keeper of the Library-Retired-SOLD OUT
Keeper of the Millenium
Keeper of the Workshop-SOLD OUT
KEEPERS by Shennandoah Designs includes Retired pieces
Ken Griffey, Jr.-At the Ballpark
Key To My Heart
Kindness Matters 12x12
Kindness Sentiment Block-7"x5"
King Charles Spaniel Head
Kitchen Gadgets!
Klingon-Bird of Prey
Kringle's Whirlgig-SOLD
Lady Keeper of the Birds-SOLD OUT
Lady Keeper of the Library-SOLD OUT
Ladybird-lampglass bead with slim, single, white silver cores
Lamb Mat 31"
Lawyers-SOLD OUT
Leopard Glass
Letting the cat out of the bag
Life is better on the Lake
Lil' Cowpoke-SOLD OUT
Lion & Lamb Glass Ornament
Lion Baby Mat
Lip Balm
Listen to Grace
Little Elephant 3"
Live 20" Pole
Locking Tongs-12" stainless/Nylon
Log Cabin
Lone Ranger with Silver Bullet inside
Long Haired Dachshund
Longhorn-temporarly out
Look for the Wonder
Love Snowman w/ Star Hanger
Love Wide Cross-7"x5"
Love, Joy Patchwork Wall Art 8"x24'
Magic Johnson-HOOP Stars
Magnetic Knife Bar 24"
Magnetic Pedistal Chalk Board
Mama Hanging Angel
Marbled Purple bead with white pearls
Marilyn Monroe-Third and final Edition
Mario Lemieux
Marvin the Martian
Mary 6" Tall
Max Rebo Band-Star Wars
Med and Light Blues
Merck Family's previous Years Light Covers
Merry Grinch-mas!-Dr. Seuss set/3 minature
Merry Olde Santa
Merry Swiss Mouse
Merry Wanderer-SOLD OUT
Mid Century Santa Head
Milk Body Wash 32fl oz.
Milk Body Wash-16oz
Mini Chilly Bear
Mini Christmas Tree-SOLD OUT
Mini Garden Set 1.75"x2.5"-6per set
Mini Snowman
Mini Snowman 3" tall
Mini Snowman with Bear
Mini Tree 2.75" tall
Morning Ride
Mother Goose
Mrs. Claus with Star Hanger
Multi with Aqua and Plum Pearls
Multi with White Pearls
Multi with White Pearls
Multi with White Pearls
Multi-Pink..Aqua..Blue Pearls
My Hero
Mystic Wood Decorative Fragrance - 21100
Mystic Woods Candle Jar - 21106
Mystic Woods Votive Candle Refill - 21107
Naboo Starfighter
Natural Wool Sea Sponge
Needlework-SOLD OUT
Neighborhood Drugstore
New Home
New Home
New Item! Canvas Pastry Cloth....18"x24"
NEW ITEM! Canvas Pastry Mat. 24"X24"
New! 20" Black and Teal recycled glass beads and wax cast bead and Elephant
NEW! 2015 Mrs Claus Light 10.5" high
NEW! 2015 Santa's Bright Eyed Buddy Santa Light- 10.5"
New! 27" Wax Cast Brass and recycles Glass beads-SOLD
New! Art Poles and MatMates
NEW! Be Strong Boot Sculpture
New! Black and Cream recycled glass and wax cast brass beads 21"
NEW! Bold Dreamer Word Blocks-Set
NEW! Cowboy Charm
NEW! Dear World Wall Art
New! KRR Necklace-Wish Beaded Necklace Lime
NEW! Nourish Your Soul Pillow
NEW! ONE MINUTE MANICURE... Glow-ology Skin Care by Demdaco.....Olive Oil and Goats Milk Soaps- Archipelago Botancials-Aromatique Fragrance for the Home
NEW! Practiced Courage Wall Art...6"x6"
NEW! Set Your Heart Free Wall Art...6"x6"
New! Soap Stone Turquoise, recycled glass beads- 27"SOLD-
New! Sweet Fire Confetti 9oz jar
New! Tulip bead bracelets
NEW! Witch with Cauldron 10.5"
Northern Cardinal-SOLD OUT
Nostalgic Santa
Nutcracker General
Nutmeg Grinder-Stainless
Oat Body Lotion-Pump
Olive Oil and Goats Milk Bar Soap-6oz
Olive Oil and Goats Milk-100% pure, natural soaps
Olive Oil Moisturing Hand Cream 4oz
Olive Oil-Goats Milk with Sea Sponge-6oz
One Minute Manicure
Ornament Hooks-SOLD OUT
OSU Basketball ornament
OSU Football ornament
OSU Hoodie
OSU Shirt ornament
OSU Snowman
OSU Stocking
OSU-Oklahoma State University
OU Basketball ornament
OU glass ornament
OU Hoodie
OU Shirt ornament-sold out
OU Snowman
OU- University of Oklahoma
Our First Christmas Together-Photo Holder
Our First Christmas-Acrylic Heart
Our Hearts Sentiment Block-7x5
Our Little Blessings
Patriotic Watering Can
Peach and Turquoise
Peach on Earth
Pepperint Heart-3"
PEZ Snowman
Pharmacy-SOLD OUT
Pickle Ornament
Pie Pan w/crust protector
Pink and White
Pink Angel Light Cover
Pink Baby Bear Mat - 31"
Pink Bundle magnet
Pink Heart Magnets-set/4
Pink Owl
Pink Puppy
Pink TuTu w/flower fits 0-18mo
Pirate Captain 4 1/4"
Plant Happiness 3ft Pole
Plum and White
Polar Express
Pony Express Rider-The Old West
Popping Good Times set/2
Porcelian Boxes 4x2
Potato Masher
Potted Geranium
Prancers Stall
Puj-Tub-Baby Bath Tub...SALE 50% OFF
Pumpkin Spice Diffuser Oil 4oz
Pumpkin Spice Diffuser Set
Pumpkin Spice Room Spray
Puppy Light Cover
Puppy Love-SOLD OUT
Purple and White
Queen Amidala
Quilted Christmas Heart
Quilted Heart-3"
Ranch 2.7oz
Recycled Rubber Scroll Tray
Red Delicious Apple
Red Heart lampwork glass bead with white silver cores
Red Queen-Alice in Wonderland
Red Tailed Hawk Ornament
Red Truck
Red, White and Bronze
Refresher Oiil
Refresher Oil
Refresher Oil
Reindeer Champs-Cupid
Republican Elephant-SOLD OUT
Reversible Bib
Reversible Bib
Reversible Bib 0-12mo
Richard Petty-Stock Car Champions
Rose Angel-The Language of Flowers
Rubber Chicken 5"-SOLD OUT-SOLD OUT
Ruby CZ
Ruby Slipper
Running Horse
Rustic Magnetic Frame-picture to follow
Santa Checking His List
Santa In Roadster-not available
Santa Platter
Santa Reflector-4.5"
Santa Skating on Form with Star Hanger 6 1/2"-SOLD
Santa Snowman Head
Santa with Pinguin Pals
Santa's Best Friends
Santa's Helper 5 1/2"
Santa's Roadster
Satchel Paige-Baseball Heroes
Scarlett O'Hara-SOLD
Scottie Pippen-Hoop Stars
Sea Salt Mill or Pepper Mill-TEMPORARLY OUT
Secrets-SOLD OUT
Sew Sweet
Sheet Cake Pan
Shinny peach"
Short Stuff Santa
Silicone Basting Brush
Silver Bracelet-SOLD OUT
Silver Necklace 48cm
Silvery Snowy Cone Assorted-SOLD OUT
Sitting Santa with children
Small Angel with Star Hanger
Small Drum
Small Shimmering Red Santa-SOLD OUT
Smell of Spring
Smell of Spring-Decorative fragrance
Snow Buddies-Series-sold out
Snow Lady Creamer
Snow Lady with Tree and Star Angel
Snow man with Gold Hat, Red Scarf w/Star Hanger
Snow Mommy 6" Tall
Snowman Light Cover
Snowman Sugar Jar
Snowman with Gold Broom and Tree w Star Hanger
Snowman with Gold Coat, Black Hat w/Star Hanger
Snuggles "The Tea Pot" 6.75"tall
Soar picture frame 4x6
Soft Brown and White
Soft Pink and White with bronze bead
SOLD OUT---Charcoal, Black recycled glass with Soap Stone Turquoise 27"
Soldier Nutcracker -SOLD OUT
South of the Boarder 3.8oz
South Seas Blue Pearl
South Seas Chocolate Pearl
South Seas Pearl Cream
South Seas Pink Pearl
South Seas Silver Pearl
Soy Body Lotion- 18oz Pump.
Soy Soap in a box -Temporarly Out
Sparkling Owl
Sparkling Wave
Spinache Dip 2.7oz-
St. Nicholas
St. Nicholas w/Lamb......SORRY SOLD OUT
Stainless Steel Measuring Cups
Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons
Standing Chocolate Lab
Star Ornament
State of Oklahoma
Stork Ornament-Blue Only
Stretch bracelet w/recycled glass beads
Sugar Cone"
Sugar Plum Fairy
Suitcase-SOLD OUT
Sweet Lips Exfoliating Lip Scrub-Pomegranate
Sweetie Pie-SOLD OUT
Tangerine, Chocolate
Ted E. Bear
The Ancient Guardian Novel Series, "Legacy of the Key", "The Uninvited","The Awakening" and "The Reckoning"by SL Morgan
The award Winning Jalapeno Peach Jelly 9oz
The Birdhouse-SOLD OUT
The Jalapeno Pepper-SOLD OUT
The Orchid Mandala Collection
The Peanuts Gang
The Sail Boat Collection-Body Suit Onesie
Three Wise Men
To Grandma with Love Hanging Angel
Toasted Onion 2.7oz
Together Always 6x6" Sq
Tonka-Mighty Dump Truck
Torocco and Clove refresher Oil
Torocco and Clove wax melts
Torocco and Glove Decorative Frangrance
Toy Soldier
Treasure Chest 3 1/2"
Trust the Journey-6x6
TU- University of Tulsa
Ugly Charlie
Ultrasonic Mist Diffuser
University of Tulsa
Valencia Orange
Vermillion Flycatcher
Victorian Painted Lady-Nostalgic Houses and Shops
Video Party-Light and Changing Scene
Vintage Trailer
Vintage Watering Can
Votive candle in glass-Fresh fig
Wax Melts
Wax Melts
Wax Melts
Wedding Bells
Welcome Home -SOLD OUT
Welcome Lake 20" Pole
Welcome to the Lake 20" Pole
Western Bluebird -SOLD OUT
Western Santa-SOLD OUT
Westie 2 1/2"
What is Calling You
What sets your heart free
What sets your heart free
White Teak and Moss
White...Deep Eggplant...Bronze
Winking Snowman holding candy cane w/ Star Hanger
Winter Surprise
Wood Magnetic Knife Bar 18"
Woodland Animals-SOLD OUT
Woodland Cone Assorted-SOLD OUT
Yorky Puppy
Your Journey wall art 6x6
Yousemite Sam-minature
Yule Log
Yuletide Central
Yultide Central
Zebra Baby Mat
Zebra black and white-lampwork glass bead with white silver core
Zebra Purse Gift Set
Zircon Rose
Zyliss Meat Thermomter